What is Infinitt?

In simple terms, Infinitt is an advanced multi-purpose engine for transferring data from one system to another. Infinitt uses the target systems’ API to connect in order to create processes that make it possible to integrate any compatible system and create automated tasks.

Infinitt has been implemented in several businesses to reduce redundancy and streamline processes such as invoicing, management and procurement.

Infinitt is developed by iteam

If you have any questions about how your business can increase its efficiency and reduce its system redundancy, please contact us:

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How is Infinitt implemented?

Infinitt is implemented by our experienced team.

Why does my business need integrations and automation?

API integrations and automation makes your life easier

Is Infinitt available anywhere in the world?


What does Infinitt cost?

Infinitt is a project-based implementation and depends on the project’s scale and complexity

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